• (+34) 663 319 200
  • Vision

    To be the online Academy of Reference for Academic, Professional and Vocational use of English and training in the English language.

  • Mission

    The Academy facilitates the learning of English for Academic, Professional and Vocational purposes by motivating students and helping them expand their:

    • vocabulary
    • competent use of grammar and
    • confidence

    in live but online classes using the most up-to-date materials and scenario-based learning from the real world.

  • Values

    • Honesty: What You See Is What You Get!
    • Passionate: We are driven by the love of learning / teaching
    • The power of learning: We believe that language learning is essential to transform lives and create opportunities.
    • Powered by technology: we use technology to make learning easier and more accessible
    • Always evolving: not content with the status quo, we always seek to improve and be better at what we do.