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  • Logistics and International Trade

    English for Logistics and International Trade focuses on oral and written English skills - the exact mix of skills that you need if you are working (or want to work) in the exciting areas of Logistics and International Trade. The course is based on realistic Case Studies that model the language you need to use when you are planning the purchase and movement of products and materials by land, sea and air across international borders.

  • In all units, lessons highlight basic sentence structure and grammar of importance, and students can practice sentence construction using key vocabulary and grammar.

    Depending on you personal needs, if you need to acquire additional email writing skills, or negotiation skills, you can book one to one sessions with a tutor.

    In all units, voice recognition question / practice sessions develop questioning skills that are essential in all logistics and training roles. You will spend much of your time practicing realistic scenario situations, responding to questions, asking for information and understanding the answers based on the language presented.

    By the time you finish the program, your confidence and pronunciation will be sky high!