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  • English for Public Service Professionals

    It might be that you are an Administration officer in the Town Hall, a Team Manager, a Receptionist, a social worker, teacher, Police Officer, Environmental Safety Officer or even a Bus Driver. You have contact with English speaking public. Whatever your service is, the public judges you and your service based on the quality of customer service you provide. Knowing what to say and what NOT to say are important!

  • You would be focussing on Customer service - understanding how you can deal with your public or clients before, during and after they need to use a service. It is a series of activities designed to improve the level of public satisfaction, that is, the feeling that a product or service has met or exceeded their expectations.

    A combination of knowledge, attitude, techniques and skills are essential for Public Service professionals to provide a comprehensive and quality client experience.

  • Without these skills, it's easy not to provide good service. First, do you really know the difference between good and bad service? Do you know how to handle problems that do not embarrass the organisation? Do you know how to say "no" in a non-threatening way? Do you present themselves in a manner that instills confidence in you? Do you know how to talk with non-compliant clients?

    You want to ...

    Learn the keys to a successful service?
    Learn a language that builds relationships with clients?
    Learn phone, written, and face-to-face skills for public interactions?

    If you're new to Public Service, you can learn skills to help you interact with the Public and impresses potential bosses during job interviews, but the most important things you'll learn are:

    1. the vocabulary and manner of speaking that give the Public and clients confidence that you will treat them well, and
    2. Practice based on important scenarios to make sure you know what to say and when to say it.