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  • In-Company English: The Full English course for working professionals

    In Company is a skills-based Business English series, aimed at professional, adult learners who want to REALLY develop their full potential as speakers of English at work.

    The course delivers immediate and tangible improvements to learner's level of English in practical ways.

    • The Starter Level is carefully designed to provide students with essential language for survival and success at work.
    • Case study videos such as In Action and Interviews simulate real-life business situations and showcase global business professionals encouraging fast, contextual learning.
    • Each unit is a fast track to competence in a particular business skill and target language is selectively introduced, giving students the chance to fully understand it before going on to tackle fluency activities. 
    • The Digital Student’s Book and Online Workbook give students the opportunity to maximise their study time inside and outside the classroom.
    • The Teachers’ Resource Centre provides access to additional photocopiable materials, tests, worksheets as well as audio and video content.
  • The Student's Book Premium Pack contains the Student’s Book and web-code access to online components. The Online Workbook allows you to practise language online and on the move and see your progress.

    The Student’s Resource Centre gives access to additional material such as audio, video, answer key, glossary, phrase banks and worksheets.

  • Pre-registration Information:

    There are 5 versions of the English for Professionals programme:

    • Starter A1
    • Elementary A1 / A2
    • Pre-Intermediate A2 / B1
    • Intermediate B1 / B2
    • Upper-Intermediate B2

    We can run classes at any of the 5 levels however the Pre-IntermediateIntermediate and Upper-Intermediate are the most popular levels.

    It is really important that you do the course that is easy enough for you to be able to compete, but tough enough to know you are making progress and your level of English is improving. Of course.

    So as part of the pre-course discussions, students take a 'placement test' that tells us your level of English - this is necessary even if you already have a Recognised Level Certificate.


    Attendance is through signing up to a short programme of 16 x 1 hour sessions which you need to book in advance (at least 48 hours ahead), or you can book for a full 32 x 1 hour sessions with a 50 euro saving!


    Classes can be booked in advance by the week, by the month (4-weeks) and for a 3-month (12-weeks) period:

    • 1-week (2 x 1 hour sessions): 30 euros (15 euros / hour) - GOOD VALUE!!
    • 1-month (8 x 1 hour sessions): 97 euros (12.5 euros / hour) - EXCELLENT VALUE!!!
    • 3-months (30 x 1 hour sessions): 299 euros (10 euros / hour) - BEST VALUE!!!!

    * This includes your FREE Students Digital Book Pack, including access to the Student's Resource Centre and Online Workbook