• Hospitality English is a largely oral English course that focuses on communication concepts and vocabulary of importance in the hospitality, restaurant, bar and tourism industries. Hospitality English helps prepare students for a variety of positions, from receptionist to server to sales manager.

    The program focuses on the functions of language, such as requests, rejections, suggestions and confirmations. The language is presented in the context of a hospitality business workplace and has been carefully chosen to include essential high frequency vocabulary in that business environment.

  • Hospitality English

  • In all units, lessons highlight basic sentence structure and grammar of importance, and students can practice sentence construction using key vocabulary and grammar.

    There are also specialized units available depending on the interests of the students attending the program, so for example, in the hotel guest services unit, there is a vocabulary lesson that focuses on cleaning supplies such as tables of iron and hair dryers. Students will also learn to use these words in sentences.

    In all units, voice recognition question / practice sessions develop questioning skills that are essential in all hospitality jobs. Students will spend much of their time practicing building the session and asking information / getting questions based on the language presented.

    By the time you finish the program, your confident and fluent pronunciation will be sky high!