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  • General and Examination English

    If you need to develop and improve English for everyday use - travel, socialising, work or academic study, the General & Examination English programme might be the right course for you!

  • Depending on your needs, the programme can be ´tweaked´ to prepare you for any of the main public English Exams (Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL, OEI) but we strongly recommend the online LanguageCert examination.

    So if you need to prove your English language skills, you can use this programme to get a CEFR Certificate (it is an official UK examination) when recommended by your instructor.

    In short, you take the Exams online when You are ready, from the comfort of Your home - if that's what you want.

  • Note: We offer our students a FREE exam booking service to help keep costs low - ask for details.


    Classes can be booked in advance by the week, by the month (4-weeks) and for a 3-month (12-weeks) period:

    • 1-week (2 x 1 hour sessions): 30 euros (15 euros / hour) - GOOD VALUE!!
    • 1-month (8 x 1 hour sessions): 97 euros (12.5 euros / hour) - EXCELLENT VALUE!!!
    • 3-months (30 x 1 hour sessions): 299 euros (10 euros / hour) - BEST VALUE!!!!