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  • English for Specific Purposes

  • A unique combination of General and Specialist English skills training, taught in a Business English context, in 'live' online classes.

  • Do you want to improve your English?

    Maybe you want to make sure your vocabulary is good for work and social purposes. Perhaps you need to prepare for an exam (B1, B2 or C1) or just would like to focus on developing a good level of general English before thinking of taking one of our specialist courses?

    If you are a working Professional (or would like to be!) this course might well be for you!!!!

  • English for Business Administration:

    It might be that you are an Administration officer in the Town Hall, a Team Manager, a Receptionist - perhaps even a social worker, teacher, Police Officer, Environmental Safety Officer or even a Bus Driver.

    You have contact with English speaking colleagues, clients and the general public. Whatever your service is, you are judged on the quality of service you provide.

    Knowing what to say and what NOT to say are important!

  • English for Hospitality Professionals:

    If you are working in a bar, restaurant, hotel, spa, nightclub (or expect to work in one of these places, for example), we can help you improve your vocabulary and pronunciation and of course given a lot of practice for use vocabulary and improved pronunciation.

  • Clinical and Nursing Care:

    Are you studying or a graduate from medicine, healthcare, or pharmaceutical courses at University? Do you have a basic knowledge of English - just about adequate for the university programme, but not really enough to be confident supporting English speaking clients and patients?

    With our experience of working with the UK health service, we know what the expectations of British patients are and we help you provide that support. We teach you want to say, and what NOT to say!

  • English for Entrepreneurs

    Highly practical right from the beginning, the course is based around 4 core activities.

    The first area familiarizes you with common interview questions and provides practice in responding. The second area introduces the elevator pitch - presenting a product or idea to a group of investors or colleagues. In the third area you'll learn about the art of cold calling when looking for new employment opportunities.

    Finally, the fourth area gives you a chance to practice company and business evaluations with the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis tool. You'll get instant positive and constructive feedback on your business ideas!

  • Pre-registration:

    To be accepted into a 'English for a Specific Purpose' program, you MUST be able to communicate comfortably in English at B1 level or above.

    You will take a 'level test' that tells us what your level of English is, even if you already have a recognised Level Certificate.


    Attendance is through signing up to a short programme of 16 x 1 hour sessions which you need to book in advance (at least 48 hours ahead) or you can sign up to 32 x 1 hour sessions giving you a 100 euro saving!


    16 (1 hour) sessions - 1 or 2 sessions in a week - 299 euros
    32 (1 hour) sessions - 1, 2 or 3 sessions in a week - 549 euros

  • Importantly, we make an effort to understand each student's unique set of goals and expectations. Once you have an idea of why you need to learn English, we will design lessons that will help you build on your strengths and overcome any weaknesses.

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