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  • English for Logistics and Trade

    English for Logistics & Trade will prepare you for role - managing the supply chain of products and materials by land, sea or air across international borders. We supply you with a PDF text which many the sessions will be based on together with audio and video materials - and of course lots of practice tasks. From the very first lesson, you'll feel more confident communicating [...]

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    English for Administrators

    The Administration English programme focuses on the practical office and business administration skills you need - taking and giving messages, filling in documents and forms, as well as other activities such as making visitors feel comfortable and introduces you to some social customs of business. We supply you with a PDF text which many the sessions will be based on together with audio [...]

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    English for Nursing

    The English Nursing course is for college and university students who need English for their continuing healthcare and nursing education. It caters for learners who want to study more effectively and to prepare for a career in nursing/healthcare. It combines carefully controlled development of English-language skills with coverage of key aspects of healthcare and nursing. Key Features: [...]

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    English for Professionals

    The English for Professionals programme has an emphasis on general communication skills for business interactions, your 'working life' and your contact with English speakers - clients and co-workers.We focus on speaking, listening and conversation as key skills, but you will also practice writing and reading to make your communication skills more complete. As Added Value for [...]

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    General English Programme

    If you need to develop and improve English for everyday use - travel, socialising, work or academic study, the General & Examination English programme might be the right course for you!Depending on your needs, the programme can be ´tweaked´ to prepare you for any of the main public English Exams (Cambridge, Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL, OEI) but we strongly recommend the online [...]

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    28 Oct 2020 | Services

    General & Examination English English for Professionals Classes can be booked in advance by the week, by the month or for a 3-month period. Don't forget - you can TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!!! (Click here)Classes can be booked in advance by the week, by the month (4-weeks) and for a 3-month (12-weeks) period: 1-week (2 x 1 hour sessions): 25 euros (12.5 euros / hour) - GOOD VALUE!! 1-month (8 x 1[...]

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    How online classes work

    Group classes are held at specific time but the class materials are available online 24/7 for a flexible learning experience. Homework and self research tasks are set every lesson.With native-educated teachers, CEFR-aligned courses and classes with a maximum of 6 students, you will always get the high-quality education you deserve.Our class materials will help you learn by speaking with other [...]

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    Pre-registration:  There are 6 versions of the English for Professionals programme: Starter A1 Elementary A1 / A2 Pre-Intermediate A2 / B1 Intermediate B1 / B2 Upper-Intermediate B2 Advanced C1 / C2 We can run classes at any of the 6 levels however the Pre-Intermediate (ProfEng PreInt), Intermediate (ProfEng Int) and Upper-Intermediate (ProfEng UppInt) are the most popular [...]

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    Clases para ninos

    18 Aug 2020 | Services

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