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  • In-Company & Professional English (Intensives)

    Our In-Company and Professional English (Intensives) programmes offer an in-depth look at specialised English for a variety of business areas, but is relevant to people working in the particular area of specialisation in any industry.

  • We focus on speaking, listening and conversation as key skills, but you will also practice writing and reading to make your communication skills more complete.

    There is a VERY comprehensive selection of Intensives available:

  • In-Company Intensives

    The subjects are:

    • Supply Chain Management
    • Sales
    • Logistics
    • Investment, and
    • Corporate Finance
  • Professional English Intensives

    • English for Clinical Professionals

    • English for Nursing

    • English for Health and Caring Professionals

    • English for Business Administration

    • English for Hospitality

    • English for Legal Professionals

    • English for Entrepreneurs

    • English for Customer Care

  • In-Company or Professional English Intensives - there is PLENTY of opportunity for you to practice the language and vocabulary, and of course use your own experience in discussions and roleplays.

    The programmes can be taken as 'stand alone' programmes, or together with the General Full In-Company English programmes offered.

  • Intensives Pre-registration Information:

    To be accepted into an In-Company & Professional English program, you need to be able to communicate comfortably in English at B1 level or above.

    You will take a 'level test' that tells us what your level of English is, even if you already have a recognised Level Certificate.


    Attendance is through signing up to a short programme of 16 x 1 hour sessions which you need to book in advance (at least 48 hours ahead) or you can sign up to 32 x 1 hour sessions giving you a 100 euro saving!


    Classes can be booked in advance by the week, by the month (5-weeks) and for a 10-week period:

    • 1-week (2 x 1 hour lessons): 39 euros (less than 20 euros / hour) - GOOD VALUE!!
    • 5-weeks (10 x 1 hour lessons): 175 euros (less than 18 euros / hour) - EXCELLENT VALUE!!!
    • 10-weeks (20 x 1 hour lessons): 299 euros (less than 15 euros / hour) - BEST VALUE!!!!