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  • How to Practice Speaking when Alone

    December 4, 2020 | dgcadogan
  • Practicing Speaking when you’re alone …

    No, I won’t recommend talking to yourself in the mirror. But, yes, you can practise speaking on your own!

    It would be ideal to have a native speaking friend or tutor at hand to help you practise speaking and yes to become and to remain fluent, you need to speak out-loud in order to practise speaking! Full stop.

  • However, life doesnt always help us out, and sometimes you need to practise speaking on your own.

    How can it be done?

    My recommendation is that you record yourself while you speak.

    You can do it easily on an everyday basis, for example, by recording a shopping list or recording short statements on a given topic on your phone. It could be a short comment to a piece of news you’ve just heard on the radio. Try to structure what you say – start with a topic sentence, develop your idea and sum it up. After that, listen to your recording and note down your strong and weak points.

    Strong points are important because they allow you to feel more confident and get extra points. If you’re really fluent, think how you can improve and be even more fluent – setting a positive goal is far more constructive and easier for you to achieve than simply working on your weaknesses. Thats not to say you ignore any obvious mistakes – note down any clear grammatical, structural, vocabulary, content or delivery related errors and try to ovoid them in the future.

    Try recording the same statement more than once – yes correcting mistakes and more importantly, developing your strong points even further.

    Want more help speaking? Then consider bookng some conversation sessions with me – they might not be as expensive as you think!

    Now, over to you. Let me know how you get on!!!

    Best wishes