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  • English - Full Programmes

  • If you need to develop and improve English for everyday use - travel, socialising, work or academic study, the Everyday & Examination English programme might be the right course for you!

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  • The English for Professionals programme has an emphasis on general communication skills for business interactions, your 'working life' and your contact with English speakers - clients and co-workers.

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  • English Intensives - Short Programmes

  • The English for Nursing programme is designed to enable you to work more confidently and effectively with patients.

    With lots of listening & speaking, it includes patient admission, taking medical specimens, patient handover, post-op assessment and discharge planning.

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  • The Administration English programme focuses on the practical office and business administration skills you need - taking and giving messages, filling in documents and forms, as well as other activities such as making visitors feel comfortable and introduces you to some social customs of business.

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  • English for Logistics & Trade will prepare you for role - managing the supply chain of products and materials by land, sea or air across international borders.

    From the very first lesson, you'll feel more confident communicating with your trading and logistics partners in English.

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  • Improving the level of Medical English spoken by medical professionals has become increasingly important.

    As a medical professional, it is likely you will already have many English speaking clients and patients - and not all from English speaking countries!

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  • Improving your English language skills will significantly increase your confidence when talking with a potential client, and that of your sales people.

    And a confident sales person is far more likely to make sales!

    By developing your communication skills, our English for Sales programme can be used by business professionals working in sales-related roles at different levels of seniority.

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  • If you are involved in hospitality - you work in a bar, restaurant or hotel, your ability to communicate with English-speaking clients is vital for your work and maybe even your business.

    The English for Hospitality programme will massively increase your confidence in communicating with clients and colleagues in English from the very first lesson. You will become more effective and better communicator.

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  • English for Legal Professionals is an ideal short course for anyone who needs to speak about the law in a business environment to clients, business partners, and colleagues.

    The course provides you with the language, vocabulary and practice that you need to be able to communicate with confidence about legal matters.

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  • English is the language of business worldwide and the ability to communicate in English a must for anyone working in finance at any level.

    The English for Finance and Banking programme will greatly increase your confidence in communicating with clients and colleagues in English from the very first lesson. You will become more effective and a better communicator.

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  • Client feedback

    Don't just take our word for it that we're the best!!!

  • I have known this academy for three years and my experience has been very positive. The level of the native teachers is very good, they offer a very pleasant treatment and the prices are affordable.

    Jesus, Valencia (Valencia)

  • Muy buen profesor, simpático y agradable. Lo recomiendo.

    Diego, Agullent (Valencia)

  • Very good teacher, the whole class takes place in English which allows you to improve from the first minute. Its materials and its proximity allow you to learn quickly and entertainingly.

    Javier, Almàssera (Valencia)

  • Очень довольна уроками английского языка. Отмечу высокое качество преподавания.

    непринуждённую атмосферу, персонализированный подход.

    Часы обучения проходили в удобное для меня время. Хочу выразить благодарность в приобретении мною ценного опыта и рекомендую всем заинтересованным пройти курс английского языка на этом сайте.

    Наталья ( Онтиньенте)

    Natalia (Ontinyent), Valencia

  • Better teaching, Better courses, Better work opportunities!!!

  • Okay, all academies will tell you that they have the best teachers, the best and most flexible programs, and the best test scores, why should you believe me?


    Simple ...


    Our teachers are typically UK-trained professionals with experience teaching students at all levels. All teachers MUST be qualified and experienced, we do not accept any compromise in this regard. We work closely with the Institute of English Language Teacher Trainers and select the best graduates and English Teachers.


    Not your average English Academy!

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      Target On English
      Target On English
      So what is Finland's secret?!!! Once again voted Happiest country :-)
      Target On English
      Target On English
      I don't think this is one of my signs ... I don't normally teach English History :-)
      Target On English
      Target On English
      A year ago, not too many of us had even heard about a programme called "Zoom" or had experienced the ups (and dare I say, it, downs!) of online learning!

      Now as a teacher 95% reliant on online classes, I have had to upgrade my broadband connection, relocate the antenna, move the position of my router, upgrade the wireless network "dongle" and carry out repeated checks on my "download" speed and (more critical to teaching) my "upload" speed ...

      You have no idea what half those terms refer to? I truly wish I didn't either!!!

      I love teaching - that's why I do it - so online teaching is what I have to do as a professional educator. And I think I do it pretty well. Certainly I would never meet the students I've been seeing from Turkey, Russia, Taiwan, Japan, Saudi Arabia and the multitude of other countries I am unlikely to ever get to visit!

      But ... apart from the odd local student happy enough to meet in a socially distanced way, wearing masks and lashings of hand disinfectant, I really, really miss teaching students physically present. I can help feel that there's a dimension of learning that's missing.

      Sadly until the vaccines are rolled out and the majority of the population has the protection they offer, in my opinion live in-person classes will probably be the exception rather than the rule. Certainly for me.


      What's your perspective as a student?

      Keep safe :-)
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Ok ... So how many of these words have you ever used?!!! Not too many I bet 🙂

      Let me know if you want some definitions.
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Can you work these sentences out? They're not easy!!!
      Target On English
      Target On English
      "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for CLASSES I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a DREAM for people like you. If you let my CLASSES go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will TEACH you."
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