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  • English - Full Programmes

  • If you need to develop and improve English for everyday use - travel, socialising, work or academic study, the Everyday & Examination English programme might be the right course for you!

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  • The English for Professionals programme has an emphasis on general communication skills for business interactions, your 'working life' and your contact with English speakers - clients and co-workers.

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  • English Intensives - Short Programmes

  • The English for Nursing programme is designed to enable you to work more confidently and effectively with patients.

    With lots of listening & speaking, it includes patient admission, taking medical specimens, patient handover, post-op assessment and discharge planning.

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  • The Administration English programme focuses on the practical office and business administration skills you need - taking and giving messages, filling in documents and forms, as well as other activities such as making visitors feel comfortable and introduces you to some social customs of business.

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  • English for Logistics & Trade will prepare you for role - managing the supply chain of products and materials by land, sea or air across international borders.

    From the very first lesson, you'll feel more confident communicating with your trading and logistics partners in English.

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  • Improving the level of Medical English spoken by medical professionals has become increasingly important.

    As a medical professional, it is likely you will already have many English speaking clients and patients - and not all from English speaking countries!

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  • Improving your English language skills will significantly increase your confidence when talking with a potential client, and that of your sales people.

    And a confident sales person is far more likely to make sales!

    By developing your communication skills, our English for Sales programme can be used by business professionals working in sales-related roles at different levels of seniority.

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  • If you are involved in hospitality - you work in a bar, restaurant or hotel, your ability to communicate with English-speaking clients is vital for your work and maybe even your business.

    The English for Hospitality programme will massively increase your confidence in communicating with clients and colleagues in English from the very first lesson. You will become more effective and better communicator.

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  • English for Legal Professionals is an ideal short course for anyone who needs to speak about the law in a business environment to clients, business partners, and colleagues.

    The course provides you with the language, vocabulary and practice that you need to be able to communicate with confidence about legal matters.

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  • English is the language of business worldwide and the ability to communicate in English a must for anyone working in finance at any level.

    The English for Finance and Banking programme will greatly increase your confidence in communicating with clients and colleagues in English from the very first lesson. You will become more effective and a better communicator.

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  • Client feedback

    Don't just take our word for it that we're the best!!!

  • I have known this academy for three years and my experience has been very positive. The level of the native teachers is very good, they offer a very pleasant treatment and the prices are affordable.

    Jesus, Valencia (Valencia)

  • Muy buen profesor, simpático y agradable. Lo recomiendo.

    Diego, Agullent (Valencia)

  • Very good teacher, the whole class takes place in English which allows you to improve from the first minute. Its materials and its proximity allow you to learn quickly and entertainingly.

    Javier, Almàssera (Valencia)

  • Очень довольна уроками английского языка. Отмечу высокое качество преподавания.

    непринуждённую атмосферу, персонализированный подход.

    Часы обучения проходили в удобное для меня время. Хочу выразить благодарность в приобретении мною ценного опыта и рекомендую всем заинтересованным пройти курс английского языка на этом сайте.

    Наталья ( Онтиньенте)

    Natalia (Ontinyent), Valencia

  • Better teaching, Better courses, Better work opportunities!!!

  • Okay, all academies will tell you that they have the best teachers, the best and most flexible programs, and the best test scores, why should you believe me?


    Simple ...


    Our teachers are typically UK-trained professionals with experience teaching students at all levels. All teachers MUST be qualified and experienced, we do not accept any compromise in this regard. We work closely with the Institute of English Language Teacher Trainers and select the best graduates and English Teachers.


    Not your average English Academy!

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      Target On English
      Target On English
      Have you ever heard of the 80 - 20 business principle? It's something I've become aware of very recently so wanted to share my thoughts.

      At it's core, the principle says that - in terms of cause and effect - 80% of effects (purchasing customers, for example) come from 20% of effort (the time I spend trying to get customers, for example).

      The remaining 20% of my customers come from a massive 80% of my time and effort! Is this something you've noticed in your life or business activity?

      On the plus side, the vast majority (80%) of clients are pretty low maintenance, but on the flip side, a smaller number of clients (20%) are very maintenance and in fact, might never be happy even though they're given 80% of the support time!

      Of course every client / customer is important so I for one always give 100% effort trying to keep all my students happy (enjoying my lessons and feel they are making progress).

      Best wishes and stay safe!
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Not a bad explaination!!!
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Have you ever heard the saying "it's too good to be true!"?

      As an example, if a work colleague tells you that your manager has recommended you get a 500 euro pay increase, would you automatically assume that the information is 100% correct? I'm not sure I would!

      Why? Because it is "too good to be true" - life (and the manager) isn't always that generous!

      The reason I mention this particular saying is because recently I have paid for a new bicycle. Don't ask me anything about the bike because I've yet to receive it, having ordered it from an online shop.

      But why might it be "too good to be true"? Well, it was advertised as a adults 21-gear mountain bike with rear suspension - and the price? The princely sum of 30 euros! Yes, 30 euros including postage and delivery.

      I don't have any hopes that the bike will be as good as I hope - after all "if it's too good to be true, it probably is!" - but lets see what arrives, eh? Fingers crossed.

      Keep well and safe.
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Have you come across the saying "what gets measured gets done?"

      It's a very common saying - especially in teaching: a teacher really needs to know precisely what progress their students are making.

      A while ago, I mentioned that one of my personal targets this year is to try to lose some weight and in some ways, a weight management journey is a little like learning a new language. I make some progress, then something happens and I lose confidence for a while - I feel like I'm going backwards. I'm sure many of you have felt this at times with language learning and other personal projects.

      My early morning weigh-in is important. A change for the better gives me the motivation to continue doing the right thing for the day. When there is change in the wrong direction, I try to understand what happened and take remedial action. No-one ever said it would be easy!

      In summary, whatever your personal objective is, make sure you know the Reality of your progress, and reward yourself when appropriate!

      Best wishes and stay safe!!!
      #motivation #onlineenglishteacher
      Target On English
      Target On English
      Today is the Christian celebration called (in English) "Strove Tuesday" - otherwise known as Pancake Day!

      Of course it's easy enough to find a good recipe for pancakes - for example:


      In the UK, pancakes are traditionally eaten with sugar and lemon juice. In the US, maple syrup is the norm.

      The origin of this strange celebration comes from the Christian tradition to give up foods made with the butter, eggs and fat for the "Lent" season before Easter. With Strove Tuesday being the last day of "normal" eating before Lent, it became the last opportunity to eat food made with ingredients forbidden during Lent.

      Nowadays, not so many of us give up specific foods for Lent but the tradition of celebrating Pancake Day remains extremely popular - especially with young children.
      Target On English
      Target On English
      What has been your biggest professional challenge this last 12 months?

      For me, it's difficult to know quite where to start! This time last year we had been hearing about an awful virus that had been raging around China and starting to spread to Europe - most notably Italy, but little did most of us know the massive impact it would have on our personal and professional lives.

      At that time, I was enjoying my life as a freelance teacher - mostly with very friendly colleagues at language school in Valencia - but I was looking to establish my own academy and had just acquired what seem like a suitable property. Hurrah!!!

      Of course, in March, the first lockdown was imposed and it became clear that teaching online would be a sustainable option and slowly I migrated my programmes into an online delivery format based on my websites:
      www.targetonenglish.com and

      English language teaching seems to work pretty well remotely, but TEFL teacher training programme has become more difficult.

      Fundamentally, in my view, in order to be sure that someone will be a great teacher, it's necessary to actually see them teach! Yes, that might sound a bit radical :-) and 'live' in-person teaching practice opportunities became very limited.

      Fast-forward to February 2021 - at the moment, I'm teaching adults and quite a few young people (typically aged 7/ 8 - who would have guessed!!!) and enjoying the experience - though a slightly flaky internet link poses it's own challenges. Hand on heart, I can't wait to do some more teaching live and in-person as soon as it is practical to do so, but will things return to how things were February 2020? It's highly unlikely.

      What do you think? Do you prefer to study with a teacher online or in-person? Let me know!

      Keep safe!!!
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